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Economics 365: Issues in Comparative Economics Spring 2007 Maria Muniagurria e-mail: [email protected] 7424 Social Science Office Hours: Tuesday 2.30 - 3.30 pm Thursday 11 am- 12 noon Phone: 263-3865 Web Page : http://www.ssc.wisc.edu/~munia/365/ Course Description : The course will focus on the study of the growth and development experiences of a selected group of countries. We start with a general introduction to the issues of development and economic growth. The core part of course will be devoted to the experiences of several countries from Latin America, East Asia and Central and Eastern Europe. Approach: We will be using economic theory to examine the experience of these countries. My goal is to teach you to use the tools provided by the theory to analyze economic data and to interpret particular events. A typical topic will then combine the study of the relevant economic theory with the examination of the data. I will use geometric analysis and elementary algebra to develop the economic theory points. Calculus is not required but you must be willing to understand and work with arguments based on formal economic reasoning and basic quantitative analysis. Throughout the course we will be using microeconomic theory, international trade theory and macroeconomic theory. Understanding them is an important prerequisite to be able to understand the material presented in the course. Because a significant part of the readings do not develop the theory with enough detail or assume that you have additional knowledge on the specific topic, it is important that you attend lectures. I expect you to do a first reading of the material before class. This first reading should be a quick run-through that should give you an idea of the main points. After the class, it will become clear what are the points that I chose to emphasize and the aspects you should concentrate on. Required Reading: 1- "The Puzzle of Latin American Economic Development," by Patrice Franko, Rowman and Littlefield Publishers, 2nd. Ed. 2003. Available at the University Bookstore and Underground Books. 2- Reading Packet 1 (RP 1) (available as Electronic Reserve at the Social Science Reference Library, access from MyUW). 3- Reading Packet 2 (RP 2) (available as Electronic Reserve at the Social Science Reference Library, access from MyUW). 4- Handouts distributed in class or electronically and articles available from the Web ( linked to the course Web Page).
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Grading/Important Dates/Other 1. Grading will be on the basis of two exams (none of them cumulative), and a paper on one of the countries of Latin America, East Asia, Eastern Europe or Former Soviet States. There will be a few short homework assignments to help you practice some concepts (they will have no formal weight in your grade).
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S7365syl - Economics 365 Issues in Comparative Economics...

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