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Econ 102: Fall 2007 Discussion Section Handout #5 Exercise 1: Labor Force Indicate whether the following people are employed, unemployed, or out of the labor force. If they are unemployed indicate whether their unemployment is structural, cyclical, frictional, or seasonal if possible. a) A full-time student who does not work b) An auto assembly-line worker who was laid-off when his plant was closed for production changes and has not been looking for work. c) A stay-at-home mother d) A retired aero-space engineer that bags groceries part time e) Katie looses her life guarding job at the end of the summer, just before returning to school f) After a tariff on steel is repealed, American steel manufacturers lay-off some workers g) Due to generally decreasing retail sales, many retail workers loose their jobs h) John leaves his position at McDonalds to look for a new job i) Mary is working a part time job while she looks for a permanent position Exercise 2: Unemployment The following is employment information about the country Badger Land. Entire Population
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discussionsectionhandout5fall2007 - Econ 102: Fall 2007...

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