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hw3 - ME/ECE 739 Advanced Automation and Robotics...

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ME/ECE 739: Advanced Automation and Robotics Homework #3: Inverse Kinematics and Trajectory Generation Due: Mar. 22 at start of class Goals: This assignment will augment your basic tools to generate robot motion setpoints. Assignment: Tools : Write the following tools (functions): 1. qdot = InvJacTrans(DHTable, q, Vcart) where Vcart is a input cartesian velocity of the end frame qdot is the vector of joint velocities that should produce the desired end-effector velocity, Vcart 2. qdoubledot = InvACCTrans(DHTable, q, Vcart, Acart) where Vcart is a input cartesian velocity of the end frame qdoubledot is the vector of joint accelerations 3. [q, qdot, qdoubledot] = Cartesian2Joint(DHTable, TstarArray) where TstarArray is a input array of M end-effector poses DHTable is an N × 5 table containing the DH link parameters (as in assignment 1). q, qdot, qdoubledot are the joint position, velocity and acceleration at each of the M poses.
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