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ME/ECE 739: Advanced Automation and Robotics Homework #2: Forward Kinematics: Velocity and Acceleration, Jacobians Due: Feb. 22 at start of class Goals: This assignment will build the basic tools for analysis of robot kinematics/dynamics. Submit: A brief document presenting results (plots, explanations) and your scripts. This should be sub- mitted on either a floppy (or Zip Disk), CD, or emailed as an attachment (using an archive file (.zip or .gz)) to [email protected] Assignment: Question 1: To your matlab tools for forward kinematics add the following: 1. DiTable = Di(DHTable, q) where DiTable is an array of derivative matrices D i 2. WiTable = Wi(DHTable, q, qdot) where WiTable is an array of frame velocity matrices W i 3. AlphaiTable = Alphai(DHTable, q, qdot,qddot) where AlphaiTable is an array of frame accelerations matrices α i 4. jac0 = Jacobian(DHTable, q) (use the method described in class). 5.
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