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ch3_116 - PROBLEM 3.116 KNOWN Dimensions and thermal...

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PROBLEM 3.116 KNOWN: Dimensions and thermal conductivity of a gas turbine blade. Temperature and convection coefficient of gas stream. Temperature of blade base and maximum allowable blade temperature. FIND: (a) Whether blade operating conditions are acceptable, (b) Heat transfer to blade coolant. SCHEMATIC: ASSUMPTIONS: (1) One-dimensional, steady-state conduction in blade, (2) Constant k, (3) Adiabatic blade tip, (4) Negligible radiation. ANALYSIS: Conditions in the blade are determined by Case B of Table 3.4. (a) With the maximum temperature existing at x = L, Eq. 3.75 yields () b TL T 1 TT c o s h m L = ( ) 1/2 24 2 c m hP/kA 250W/m K 0.11m/20W/m K 6 10
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