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English 30 Annotated Bibliography Denfeld, Rene. All God's Children : Inside the Dark and Violent World . New York: PublicAffairs, 2007. This book talks about gangs in the United States and how gangs could be related to murders, violent crimes, juvenile delinquency, and street youth. This book is one of my key aspects for helping my paper being argumentative. Also, I would use this to support my theory in my thesis. Caldarella, P., J. Sharpnack, T. Loosli, and K.w. Merrell. "The Spread of Youth Gangs Into Rural Areas: a Survey of School Counselors." Rural Special Education Quarterly (1996). This article is about how youth gangs around rural places is growing and spreading out. With this article I would show how the influence in gangs through cities has influenced rural places because it’s probably the cool thing to do while not knowing the consequences. Also in how getting influenced by television, internet, and peers can affect your judgment. Hagedorn, John. Gangs in the Global City : Alternatives to Traditional Criminology
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Unformatted text preview: . University of Illinois P, 2007. This book is mainly about how gangs or criminals in general have traditions within one another and alternatives. With book source I would use this to show readers how criminals mainly gangs also have traditions like regular citizens do. Also, this book would help me show how most gangs have traditions as well as drug dealers or drug lords. Mullen, Kevin J. Dangerous Strangers : Minority Newcomers and Criminal Violence in the Urban West . Palgrave Macmillan, 2005. This book talks about how illegal immigrants that come to the United States are affected by gangs and how these gang related immigrants have rasen criminal violence in the west coast. With this book I would use it bye just writing a paragraph or two on how other people like immigrants are affected by gangs and drugs. Then relate that to the possibility of drug related crimes....
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annotated bibliography - University of Illinois P 2007 This...

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