bio lab introduction - We have been assigned our metal...

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How toxic are Ankistrodesmus and Aluminum Sulfate Combined? Imagine drinking out of a water fountain in school or in a public area with a water fountain even at home in kitchen faucets. Then later on you find yourself very ill or even worse poisoned. Have you ever thought that these public places in which you drink tap water could contain metals such as Aluminum Sulfate which could potentially be harmful if mixed with certain chemicals or grown in numerous amounts of cells or lipids? Well in my lab we have found how these metals have grown throughout a period of time. We have checked their toxicity levels on certain days of when we checked the number of cells on the spectrometer.
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Unformatted text preview: We have been assigned our metal subjects and where require putting a certain amount of the metal subject to our neutral specimen. Our period to check on our subjects growth is about a two week period but checking the subjects on a 2-3 day block. After all recordings have been done, we then will fill out a table and then figure which test tube has the higher number of growth within this time period. My hypothesis is that the tube with the most amount of the Aluminum Sulfate will be the one with the most growth and will lead to the greatest amount of toxicity....
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bio lab introduction - We have been assigned our metal...

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