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materials and methods

materials and methods - by using Spectro(absorbance machine...

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Materials and methods Materials and Methods On the Green Alga lab there was a little more of a two week period in total. 2/6/08 was the initial day of the lab with 3 cells/mm^2 in vial one (which is the control) counted in the HEMA. , 2 cells/mm^2 in vial two counted in the HEMA., 2 cells/mm^2 in vial three counted in the HEMA., 3 cells/mm^2 in vial four counted by the HEMA. The way to use the HEMA machine was to make sure your specimen was shaken up by using a shaking machine and absorb just enough for a couple of drops using pipet. Then put one drop on each side of the slide then put a cover slip on top of the slide. Turn on the microscope and count how many Green Alga you see on the top and bottom of the slide and take the average. Do that procedure to each vial. On the initial day of the experiment there was no absorbance with in any vial except vial four. The absorbance was measured
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Unformatted text preview: by using Spectro (absorbance) machine. In order to use this machine, the machine has to be set to zero the whole time until the vial is put in place. Before the vials are inserted in the machine there has to be another vial with just Alga Grow (Carolina Biol. Supply). But make sure each vial in wiped down with acetone so that it won’t affect the absorbance reading and shake all the vials in the shaking machine to get a more accurate absorbance reading. Then after inserting the vial with just Alga Grow and setting everything to zero take off the that vial and put vial one and once done with the reading place back the vial with just Alga Grow to make sure everything is still adjusted to zero. Then insert the next vial and repeat these steps to get the absorbance reading....
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