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Kurt Humphreys ATOC 1070 PreLab Local Temperature Observations Objection: Living in Boulder can be hectic for trying to prepare for the day to day weather. It can be cold and cloudy in the morning and then in two hours be sunny and hot, or vice versa. Boulder is very different from other areas for many variable reasons. In this lab we will be using data from the past two weeks to find the norms and differences in the weather. We will be using graphs and data to interpret the meanings of the weather and will make it easier for us to understand what happens. Procedure: We will be using spreadsheets of data to help us with this lab. On a graph we will be given information about where the temperature was taken and we will record this data. We will then record more data according to what our professor indicates.
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Unformatted text preview: We will do the same thing for another graph. We will then open up another spreadsheet and enter our data that we collected for the dates we were assigned. Once we enter all the data we are going to print out the spreadsheet. Next we will look at weather maps of the past two weeks and compare them from day to day changes in the weather. This way we will be able to see how weather systems can affect the temperature outside. We will make a table on a clean sheet of paper that will summarize the major weather map features in Colorado. Looking at the weather maps we will have to look at the time along with the wind direction, could cover, and precipitation. We will also look for highs and lows and different fronts along with different pressures around Colorado....
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