ATOC 1070 WindStorm

ATOC 1070 WindStorm - that reaches Boulder We will learn...

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Kurt Humphreys ATOC 1070 Pre Lab Boulder Wind Storms Objective: This lab will help me understand what happens to wind once it reaches Boulder, and some of the various changes that happen when it is traveling from the West. It was also teach me how to use fundamental concepts to put together the causes of certain wind events, as well as statistical techniques to help sort through large amounts of data. Procedure: There is really no procedure with equipment or experiments, but there are exercises that will teach us about the geography of Boulder and how it affects the wind
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Unformatted text preview: that reaches Boulder. We will learn about a typical Boulder day and how fronts also affect Boulder’s weather. We will also learn about the windstorm of October 29 th , 1996 that brought 100mph winds from the West into Boulder. We will look at the data of this windstorm that shows the relationship between wind speed and pressure. Then we will answer some questions about the data we learned and see that there are 3 different types of windstorms....
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