p2.1-5 - = 35ºF with heat transfer coefficient w h = 200...

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2.1-5 A pipe carrying water for a ground source heat pump is buried horizontally in soil with conductivity k = 0.4 W/m-K. The center of the pipe is W = 6 ft below the surface of the ground. The pipe has inner diameter D i = 1.5 m and outer diameter D o = 2 inch. The pipe is made of material with conductivity k p = 1.5 W/m-K. The water flowing through the pipe has temperature T w
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Unformatted text preview: = 35ºF with heat transfer coefficient w h = 200 W/m-K. The temperature of the surface of the soil is T s = 0ºF. a.) Determine the rate of heat transfer between the water and the air per unit length of pipe. b.) Plot the heat transfer as a function of the depth of the pipe. c.) Carry out a sanity check on the value of the shape factor that you used in (a)....
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