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p5.3-12 - 5.3-12 Your cabin is located adjacent to a stream...

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5.3-12 Your cabin is located adjacent to a stream and you like cold beer out of a keg. There is no electricity to your cabin so you cannot put the keg in the refrigerator. Therefore, you have decided to run the warm beer from the keg through a tube that is submerged in the stream in order to get cold beer. You can pressurize the keg to Δ P k = 20 psi above ambient in order to force the beer through the tube. Your initial design for the beer cooler is a L = 20 ft long tube that has an outer diameter of D o = 0.25 inch with thickness th = 0.02 inch. The conductivity of the tube material is k t = 15 W/m-K. The beer in the keg is at room temperature, T in = 20°C. The properties of beer are
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