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p5.3-11 - 5.3-11 In a biofuel refinery ethanol enters a...

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5.3-11 In a biofuel refinery, ethanol enters a tube at temperature T in = 5ºC and pressure p in = 45 psia. The mass flow rate of the ethanol is m ± = 0.04 kg/s. The outer diameter of the tube is D o = 0.25 inch and the length of the tube is L = 5 ft. The tube wall thickness is th = 0.03 inch. The roughness on the internal surface of the tube is estimated to be e = 15 μ m. The outer surface of the tube is exposed to saturated steam at p s = 5 psia. You may neglect the convection resistance on the outer surface of the tube as well as the resistance to radial conduction through the tube (therefore, the inner surface of the tube may be assumed to be at a constant temperature, equal to the saturation temperature of the
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