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ATOC LAB WRITE UP 3 - Kurt Humphreys ATOC 1070 Lab Write Up...

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Kurt Humphreys ATOC 1070 Lab Write Up Surface and Weather Observations Objective: This lab will help us be able to observe the atmosphere scientifically. We will learn how to use proper instruments, different observing techniques, and to take raw forms of observations are transferred into more useful ways, how weather data is plotted on weather maps, and we will learn how these measurements are not always accurate and have their limitations. Procedure: We will be using such equipment as a clock to time our observations, a barometer, a sling psychomotor, a turbo meter anemometer, which is a wind speed indicator, a cloud chart, and our own eyes. There are three parts to this lab and the first two will be done inside. We will first use a clock and calculate the proper time for our observations. Then we will read the barometric pressure and enter this data onto the log sheet. Then we will measure the temperature and moisture of the atmosphere using the sling psychrometer.
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