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5.3-10 Figure P5.3-10 illustrates a system designed to fill medicine bladders. The medicine bladders are balloons. Once filled, the balloon pressure can be used to passively deliver a small amount of medicine for a long period of time. Diaphragm pump Tube L t =20cm D t =1.25mm Medicine bladder D b =2inch K b =4x10 6 N/m 4 Medicine ρ =1200kg/m 3 μ =0.002Pa-s Figure P5.3-10: Medicine bladder filling system. The system is energized by a small diaphragm pump. The pump curve data is provided in Table P5.3-10. Table P5.3-10: Diaphragm pump curve data. Flow rate (liter/min) Pressure rise (psi) 0 24 0.2 18 0.4 14 0.6 10 0.8 6.5 1.0 4.6 1.2 3.5 1.6 1.2 1.9 0 The pressure within the balloon is related to its diameter according to: 2 bb b p KD Δ= where
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