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1p10.3-9 - 10.3-9(10-9 in text The bottom surface of the...

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10.3-9 (10-9 in text) The bottom surface of the cylindrical cavity shown in Fig. P10.3-9 is heated to T bottom = 750°C while the top surface is maintained at T top = 100°C. The sides of the cavity are insulated externally and isothermal (i.e., the sides are made of a conductive material and therefore come to a single temperature). top, 100 C top T = ° bottom, 750 C bottom T = ° D = 10 cm L = 10 cm side Figure P10.3-9: Cylindrical cavity heated from the bottom and cooled on top. The diameter of the cylinder is D = 10 cm and its length is L = 10 cm. Assume that the cylinder is evacuated so that the only mechanism for heat transfer is radiation.
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