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2.7-8 Figure P2.7-8(a) illustrates a heat exchanger in which hot fluid and cold fluid flows through alternating rows of square channels that are installed in a piece of material. HHHHHH CCCCCC H = channels carrying hot fluid C = channels carrying hot fluid unit cell of heat exchanger Figure P2.7-8(a): Heat exchanger. You are analyzing this heat exchanger and will develop a model of the unit cell shown in Figure P2.7-8(a) and illustrated in more detail in Figure 2.7-8(b). 2 150 W/m -K 80 C h h T = 2 150 W/m -K 25 C c h T = th /2 =0.4 mm L =6mm p /2 = 4 mm th b =0.8mm k = 12 W/m-K Figure 2.7-8(b): Details of unit cell shown in Figure 2.7-8(a). The metal struts separating the square channels form fins. The length of the fin (the half- width of the channel) is L = 6 mm and the fin thickness is th = 0.8 mm. The thickness of
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