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1.9-6 Your company manufacturers heater wire. Heater wire is applied to surfaces that need to be heated and then current is passed through the wire in order to develop ohmic dissipation. A key issue with your product is failures that occur when a length of the wire becomes detached from the surface and therefore the wire is not well connected thermally to the surface. The wire in the detached region tends to get very hot and melt. The wire diameter is D = 0.4 mm and the current passing through the wire is current = 10 amp. the detached wire is exposed to surroundings at T = 20ºC through convection and radiation. The average convection heat transfer coefficient is h = 30 W/m 2 -K and the emissivity of the wire surface is ε = 0.5. The length of the wire that is detached from the surface is L = 1 cm. The ends of the wire at x = 0 and x = L are held at T end = 50ºC. The wire conductivity is k = 10 W/m-K and the electrical resistivity is ρ e = 1x10 -7 ohm-m.
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