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p3.8-7 - 3.8-7 Figure P3.8-7 illustrates the flat plate...

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3.8-7 Figure P3.8-7 illustrates the flat plate solar collector that was previously analyzed under steady state conditions in Problem 1.9-7. L =8cm th =1 .5mm ε k =75W/m 2 -K ρ = 8800 kg/m 3 c = 375 J/kg-K 2 5W/m -K 10 C h T = 50 C w T s q ′′ ± Figure 3.8-7: Flat plate solar collector. The collector consists of a flat plate that is th = 1.5 mm thick with conductivity k = 75 W/m-K, density = 8800 kg/m 3 , and specific heat capacity c = 375 J/kg-K. The plate is insulated on its back side and under normal conditions experiences a solar flux of , s max q ± = 900 W/m 2 that is all absorbed. The surface is exposed to convection and radiation to the surroundings. The emissivity of the surface is = 1. The heat transfer coefficient is h = 5 W/m 2 -K and the surrounding temperature is T = 10ºC. The temperature of the water is T w = 50ºC. The center-to-center distance between adjacent tubes is 2 L where L = 8 cm. This problem deals with the transient behavior of the collector.
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