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Kurt Humphreys ATOC 1070 Pre Lab Wind Tunnel Experiments: Wind and Pressure with Real World Application Objective: The objective of this lab is to see how wind flows over and around obstacles in its way. We will also see the relationships between the wind speed and the pressure the wind exerts and the affects of high winds on objects. There are three parts to this lab. The first part we will use a wind tunnel to observe the wind and pressure relationships when air flows across a flat surface. Two instruments will measure these two affects, the pitot tube sensor and a turbine anemometer. We will compare the data we got to the theoretical data and compare the two with a spreadsheet. We will then measure the effects on wind model vehicles, and use that to predict the effect of what would happen when wind hits a regular full sized vehicle. The final thing we will do is measure the distribution of pressure per unit area when air flows over a model Quonset hut. This will also give us information about what might happen when air flows over a building in a
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