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Cloud Log Prelab - Procedure Before this lab you have to...

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Kurt Humphreys ATOC 1070 Pre Lab Cloud Observations and Synoptic Weather Patterns Objective: The objective of this lab is to identify and log clouds during the week before our lab. Then to relate the cloud observations to regional weather patterns from surface weather maps, upper air maps, satellite images, and radiosonde soundings to see how our observations correspond with the data. This will help us learn that clouds are a key sign of current and future weather.
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Unformatted text preview: Procedure: Before this lab you have to observe the clouds each day and develop a cloud log. Then we must pick 3 clouds that were interesting and they all must be different on separate days. Then we attach that with the original cloud log. With the three cloud observations that you picked, you will gather data from surface maps. We will get these a specific websites. We will then proceed to answering questions on our data and observations....
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