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ME/ECE 439 Homework #3: Robot Programming and Robot Sensing Due: Nov. 8 (in class) Present your solutions clearly. Goals : (1) Familiarity with some robot sensors and their application in a robotic task. (2) Program a robot using “standard” techniques (teaching positions). Lab Exercise: You are to develop a robot program that will have the robot sort objects ac- cording to their material properties. Four sensors will be available (photoelectric, capacitive, inductive and a force-sensing resistor). (a) Robot motion You need to write macros to move the robot to the respective sensors, start location, via points and sorting bins. Be sure the robot position facilitates the sensing task and avoids collisions between the robot arm, its load and the sensors. (b) Sensor response to material properties For each of the four materials provided, determine the sensor response. Build a table relating the materials and the sensor properties. (c) A material-sorting robot
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