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Descartes Short Assignment - The same logic may be applied...

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Philos 100B 1/19/06 Short Assignment #1 Descartes Descartes assertions with regard to the existence of G-d is indubitably clear in this claim. What Descartes is trying to point out is that there must be some sort of Superior being that has more power and expertise then a normal being because since it has the power of existing through its own might, then obviously it also has the power of possessing all the perfections in which we as a race perceive to be in G-d. He goes on to say that even if the being that did create us derived its own existence from another cause
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Unformatted text preview: The same logic may be applied with regards to the existence of a higher power then that entity itself. And indubitably, one must logically realize that an infinite regress of entity after entity is irrational. There must be a starting point to everything that exists. There is no infinite number of creators for not only is this particular G-d watching over us now, but also he has been doing so from the beginning of time. Hence, there must be a starting point for time to begin, and with that there must have been some sort of higher power that Created life....
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