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History 140C Final - History 140C Final 10 WHY WERE WE IN...

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History 140C Final 10. WHY WERE WE IN VIETNAM? YOU MAY, IN YOUR CONCLUSION MAKE A COMPARISON BETWEEN VIETNAM AND THE CURRENT WAR . The Vietnam War was one of the most, if not the bloodiest and tragic wars in history. Many American soldiers were thrown into a battle the government actually knew could not be won. Only one can wonder as to why America would even consider being apart of such an awful situation. The answer itself is a complex one to understand, as it wasn’t solely the typical anti-communism push that most people think that Vietnam’s purpose actually was. In the beginning, the United States had little interest in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, however as it became clear that the US and its allies and the Soviet Union and theirs would dominate the post-World War II world, isolating communist movements took an increased importance. When the war itself was unfolding the two prongs of liberal consensus crashed and burned. Those two prongs had included the anti- communism movement as well as the “great society” push. People had begun to question the legitimacy of the office of the president, let alone the whole American political institution. Vietnam happened due to the fact that once the two liberal prongs began to clash, the anti-communism portion always happened to prevail. As the two wings of liberal consensus are exposed it showed that the politicians who agreed with liberal consensus were more concerned with the containment of communism than the actual uplifting of social problems in domestically. Ironically though, the war in Vietnam wasn’t
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really about just containing communism. Vietnam had become a symbolic terrain which yielded a monophonically policy. And, although the decision to go to Vietnam wasn’t a logical choice but without the liberal consensus you couldn’t create a great society without a strong anti communist policy. In 1950, to combat the spread of Communism, the United States began supplying the French military in Vietnam with advisors and funding its efforts against the “red” Viet Minh. These efforts continued in 1956, when advisors were provided to train the army of the new Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam). Despite their best efforts, the quality of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) was to remain consistently poor throughout its existence. It was then when the Geneva conference was called to form and the agenda was set to stabilize indo China. It was then was the south East Asia treaty organization was formed and the. US received
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History 140C Final - History 140C Final 10 WHY WERE WE IN...

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