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English 17A Victorian Article In Victorian times marriage, and family life were extremely different from the typical, easy going and happy style that we are accustomed to in today’s day age. Like Victorian times we as members of society must adhere to normal wedding laws and most traditions. However, in Victorian times the laws and beliefs that were intact consisted of arbitrary rules and regulations that should not have been implemented with regards to weddings at all. After doing some research, I found some laws that I felt were rather interesting these included the following: Victorians were encouraged to marry within the same class They could marry up, but to marry down meant marrying beneath yourself (This was known as Soames) A woman entering into the institute of marriage had to be equipped with a dowry. The husband-to-be had to prove that he could support his new bride in the lifestyle she was accustomed to. An unmarried woman could inherit money and property after she reached the age of 21, but once married, all control would go to her husband.
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Unformatted text preview: Also a woman could not have a will for her own personal possessions; since the control was in her husband’s power, he could distribute her property in any way he likes, even to his illegitimate children (if he has any). Women married because they had a lack of options; they were not formerly educated, and were only instructed in domestic duties. They needed someone to support them, and were encouraged to marry and have children. Incidentally with regards to children it is sad to say how some children were forced to work ridiculous amounts. Only twenty percent of the children of London had any schooling, a number which had risen by 1860, when perhaps half of the children between 5 and 15 were in some sort of school, if only a day school; the others were working. Some girls were even forced to sell themselves. Most prostitutes (and there were thousands in London alone) were between the ages 15 and 22 ....
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