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quiz4 - explanation of your steps 2 Complete problem#3 from...

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Math 131 February 15, 2007 Quiz 4 due February 22, 2007 Instructions: Do all of the problems fully. Make sure your name and the time of your class (i.e. 9:30 or 2:30) are on every sheet which you turn in. You must offer explanations/justifications for your answers in order to receive credit. 1. Use a ruler to draw a line. Clearly mark this line as AB. Use a straight- edge and compass to create a rectangle such that the sides adjacent to AB are twice as long as AB (that is, create a rectangle that has one pair of sides twice as long as the other pair of sides). Include a brief
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Unformatted text preview: explanation of your steps. 2. Complete problem #3 from section 8.7. Note: on page 380, the top picture is the exact shape you are supposed to construct. However, you need to start from scratch: construct the triangle (not just trace it), then construct the shape. Include a brief explanation of your steps. Also, keep in mind that you cannot measure the lengths of a, b, c . 3. Complete problem #12 from section 8.7....
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