hist 256 prelim 1 - My Review Sheet part 2

hist 256 prelim 1 - My Review Sheet part 2 - The Trojan War...

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The Trojan War Barry Strauss Achilles – Mythical king of Phthia and heroic warrior who is a main character in the Trojan War. Aeneas – Son of Anchises and goddess Aphrodite, fights in Trojan War and rules in rebuilt, postwar Troy. Minor character in Iliad but hero of Vergil’s Aeneid. Agamemnon – King of Mycenae, leader of the Greeks against Troy. Andromache – Wife of Hector, taken as war prize by the Greeks after husband’s death, fall of Troy. Hector – Son of Priam, Troys prince and greatest warrior. Helen – Wife of Menelaus, runs of with Paris sparking Trojan War Menelaus – Husband of Helen, king of Lacedaemon, Agamemnon’s brother. Paris - Prince of Troy, seduced Helen and caused the Trojan War. Also known as Alexander. Priam – King of Troy Queen Puduhepa – Wife of King Hatushilish III, played big part in Hittite religion, was extremely powerful women from Bronze Age. Bronze Age – 3000 BC – 1000 BC, bronze was the most widespread metal for tools and weapons. Broken into early (3000-2100), middle (2100-1600), and late (1600 – 1150) Iron Age – 1000 BC – 1 AD, epoch where technology made iron the most durable metal for tools and weapons Troad – Region of Troy, 650 sq miles. Trojan War – 1210 – 1180 BC, a war between Greece and the city of Troy. Troy was destroyed by a fire, and weapons like arrowheads, spearheads and sling stones have been excavated as evidence that the war happened. Troy – Known as Wilusa, Taruisa, Wilion, and Ilion. Great city from 3000 BC – 950 BC. During the Bronze Age it was inhabited by many different peoples, and destroyed by fire, war, etc and rebuilt. Was one of the largest cities around the Aegean Sea during the late Bronze Age, controlling an important harbor and protected by a complex of walls. Language was either Luwian or Palaic. Homer – Ancient Greek poet, famous for The Iliad and the Odyssey . The Iliad deals with the last 2 months of the Trojan War, the Odyssey of Odysseus’s hard trip home from Troy. Epic Cycle – 6 poems that narrate parts of the Trojan War not in the Iliad or the Odyssey. They are Cypria (1 st 9 years of the war), Aethiopis (Ethiopian and Amazon allies of troy), Little Iliad (Trojan horse), Iliupersis (sack of troy), Nostoi (return of Greek heroes like Agamemnon, and Telegony (continuation of Odyssey). Linear B
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hist 256 prelim 1 - My Review Sheet part 2 - The Trojan War...

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