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quiz2 - one other circle 4 Read problem 1 from section 8.4...

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Math 234 February 1, 2007 Quiz 1 due February 8, 2007 Instructions: Do all of the problems fully. Make sure your name and the time of your class (i.e. 9:30 or 2:30) are on every sheet which you turn in. You must oFer explanations/justi±cations for your answers in order to receive credit. 1. Complete problem 1 from section 8.3. 2. We have discussed how two circles intersect at either one or two points. How do three circles intersect? Include drawings of the diFerent inter- sections. 3. Give your own explanation as to why two spheres intersect at either a point or at a circle (you may assume that every circle touches at least
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Unformatted text preview: one other circle). 4. Read problem 1 from section 8.4. Explain why this method will always create an isosceles triangle. How could you modify this construction in order to create a equilateral trinagle? Explain. 5. Explain why there are 180 ◦ in a triangle. How would you demonstrate this to someone else? Include any pictures or shapes you might use to demonstrate this fact. Note: It is especially true of this question that there are completely diFerent answers that are valid. 6. Complete problem 8 from section 8.4....
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