340syllfall07 - MATH 340 SYLLABUS, Fall Semester, 2007-08...

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Unformatted text preview: MATH 340 SYLLABUS, Fall Semester, 2007-08 Academic Year Lec. 2, TR 11:00AM12:15PM, B135 Van Vleck Hall Prof. Richard A. Brualdi Text is: Office: 725 Van Vleck Hall Elementary Linear Algebra, 9th ed. by B. Kolman and D.R. Hill Tel: 262-3298; E-mail: brualdi@math.wisc.edu Office Hours: Mon (3:304:30 PM), Tues. (3:004:00PM), Thurs. (1:002:00PM) WWW: http://www.math.wisc.edu/brualdi Course Description This is a first course in linear algebrasystems of linear equations, matrix theory with computations and applications, determinants, vector spaces, linear trans- formations, inner product spaces, and eigenvalues/eigenvectors. Study Habits If you are coming into this course, as most students are, having just finished the calculus sequence, you will notice some change in emphasis from the problem-oriented calculus. There are many ideas and concepts in this course that we will explore and inter- relate. We will explain some proofs, in order to understand the implications of the various ideas and their dependency on each other. You will be expected to do some simple proofs relating the various concepts and ideas. Of course, we also want to be able to compute and solve problems. There are software tools for solving problems, notably MatLab. We will not explain MatLab in this course. Once you understand the ideas, then solving problems in MatLab is a breeze, but you have to know what answers mean, how to interpret them, how to use them, etc. and this is what you will learn in this course. There are two complementary resources for you for learning the material in this course: the lecture and the book (I find the book to be a little wordy, but maybe you wont - it has lots of examples and, at least in the first two chapters, some redundancy). It is important that you make use of both of these resources. I expect students to be present at every class.that you make use of both of these resources....
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This note was uploaded on 08/11/2008 for the course MATH 340 taught by Professor Meyer during the Fall '08 term at Wisconsin.

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340syllfall07 - MATH 340 SYLLABUS, Fall Semester, 2007-08...

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