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Unformatted text preview: 1. As an ice cube in a glass of water melts, does the level of the water in the glass rise, fall, or stay the same? -- The same. Refer to explanation in #4. 2. Consider the figure on the right. A boat with a person and a significant amount of water inside is floating on a swimming pool. What will happen to the water level relative to the reference level as shown in the figure if the water inside the boat is thrown out to the pool? a. The water level will increase. b. The water level will decrease. c. No change in water level.-- There will be no change in the water level. To better analyze water level, we will use the quantity volume. Let’s call the total volume of water (that gives water level equal to reference level) as V = V pool + V displaced (V pool is pool water and V displaced is water that should be there if there is no boat). Note that V displaced can be realized from F net = 0 = F buoyant- W displaced , or ρ gV displaced = gM person+boatwater+boat . When the water of volume V’ = ρ gM boatwater...
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