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ch3RecitAnswerKey - Physics 71 MTHFV Recitation Quiz...

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Physics 71 MTHFV Recitation Quiz Chapter 3: Motion in 2 or 3D Directions: You will work on a problem in groups of four. To promote interdependence, only one problem solution can be turned in by each group. Each member must sign the solution turned in. During recitation class, there should be one member performing one of these roles: Manager, Checker/Recorder, Skeptic, and Energizer/Summarizer. For each subsequent recitation activity, the roles must rotate . Make sure that the seats are arranged so group members are facing each other, "knee-to-knee." Write diagram and solution in the space provided below. You may also use the back of the paper. Do your best! Group Name: ________ ANSWER KEY ____________ Members: __________________________________ Score: __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Date: _________________ Recit Instructor: ____________________________ Recit Section: __________ Problem: You are watching people practicing archery when you wonder how fast an arrow is shot from a bow. With a flash of insight, you remember your physics – you can easily determine what you want to know by a simple measurement. You ask one of the archers to pull back her bow string as far as possible and shoot an arrow
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