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Pracex1s_00 - H First shot 1/3 2/3 G B Second Shot 3/4 3/4...

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Unformatted text preview: H First shot 1/3 2/3 G B Second Shot 3/4 3/4 1/4 1/4 G B G B (O) (O) (W) (L) PH 4 ֺ(DZ3Ա cCvkT7cIzT([email protected] D AD7 CD7 D a D a a A D UH U PH RU 7 C 7 C a a 7 C CA AD b [email protected]@3 [email protected] UH H PH RH 7 C a 7 C CA a AD b zҨf3vDZ[email protected] C zDccb4 [email protected]@[email protected] C7 7 Aa AD AD 7 D C a 7 C D7 b7 CDa a CD a D AD 7 C a 7 DD 7D a 7 C 77 7 DD D 7D D kTGXT4ThzTkDTGzGXBTITGTTIzTkG(DTGzB$k D AD7 CD7 D a D a a A D a g ckT7cIzT([email protected](BfBccbf4T7BGCIfBh`aW g h W PH a 7 C D 7 a A CD C D [email protected]([email protected] CD 9 A A C A D a D a CA D C a ADD 7 PR a A 77 zQBzDDG9CzDzBBT([email protected] [email protected] a 7 C D a CD b A a 77 a A D AD A9Y RH 77 A D A D a a A D D AD7 CD7 D a D A D D7 aD CDa D [email protected](7GkDiA([email protected](B [email protected]`aTzEvTBVDcbcbTBG C A D 7 A D b D CD7 gA 77 C A D C 9 b A W baD a 9a 7 D 7 Aa CADa D D a ba D Ca a D b 9 A 7 D D [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] DcCTiDW baY g D 9A g Gd4`W DcCT`W baY g DcCT3iW baY g DcCTh`aW baY g g4W b A7 D Aa D C a D C b D aD [email protected] krzrVioksTVioqf}Qssrwp|vsff~}`|[email protected]~}`|rQBzdiwfvQnrGnF 3wpvTfkdx j psps { tu | w { w tu o {ps yx s t} { |} s p o {ps yx wu ts qp o m y x usl rsy y sr r e ixuh gf3p F d`u Bp qs y r u hF B d`G t3wpvt`r4i ps y x us qp geeeU ba W H U F UR F PH F 7 E CA 97 hTTfdcbTB`YXVTSRTTSRGQIG([email protected] 1 ) 1 1 ) ' % ! " ! 54320(& $# U g W w }} kGyz [email protected]@[email protected]@GkDfkz7 7 H A97 7 97 a b7 7 A a CD A97 A A 9 C D 97 7 b7 7 [email protected]@[email protected]٦IGP H H PR H @4vv d3 cCGcBcI0Tccb4fT7BGI 7 a A D PH UH UH ff3vv [email protected]([email protected](QBzGzDB A 97 7 a A D A AD C C 7 CA D A a D A C 7 D D 9 C D [email protected]@[email protected]([email protected] Aa C C 7 CA D b 7 a 97 a Aa b aA DD D A 7 a A D a GcBcIvTccb4fT7B(BcCfBI4kQTia D7 A7 7 97 7 7 CD 7 AD 9 a ADa aD A D [email protected]@[email protected] A b7 a a C D a g W a D b b D CAaD a aD g [email protected]`[email protected]ҥ3iW A b7 a 97 a C D a A a AaD a g W 7 g [email protected]@TXTT7(8XBT7Xcfz3fw(cCbTanh`aW g 3 W FCD a C 7 D [email protected](B [email protected]@[email protected]@BTi7kTf8Tf7([email protected] 7 D7 9 b aD A 7 C 9 a C D A b7 a A ADa a Da D D a 97 A 7 D7 kD kD IC TD RH f zHHPU H ( zckT7hccD T7 [email protected] [email protected] zTfTBG DZ D A D 7 z D 7 C D a a C C Ca D [email protected] D AD7 CD7 D a 7 C CA CDa a [email protected] DD D B37XzkG 7 TGC [email protected] A D Da a a a A D a D AD7 CD7 D a D a D g T I win!! H T Start the Game T I win !! T You win!! H T I win!! H ...
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