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Unformatted text preview: Chem 1A: "Stoichiometry" Website: chem1a.berkeley.edu Instructors: Alexander Pines Mark Kubinec Michelle Douskey Welcome to Chem1A Lab meets this week Enrollment: Dr. Lamoreaux 211 Latimer 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines L1-1 Chemical Reactions and Stoichiometry 2H2 Energy Reactants Products Reaction Coordinate 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines + O2 2H2O High Road (barrier) L1-3 Visualizing Atoms Molecules of CsI Xe atoms on Cu 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines Images from D. Eigler and coworkers at IBM Almade L1-4 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines 1 Chem 1A: "Stoichiometry" Scanning Probe Microscopy Can Image Single Atoms Image of a ring of cobalt atoms placed on a copper surface An Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM) image of nickel atoms placed on a copper surface. 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines L1-5 Stoichiometry Relationships between quantities of matter that participate in chemical reactions. Macroscopic Bulk matter N0 Microscopic Atoms, Molecules Avogadro's Number: N0 = 6.02 x 1023 Avogadro' N0 atoms in 12.00 g 12C = one Mole Molar Mass (g/mole) 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines L1-6 ChemQuiz 1.1 Which balloon will have the biggest explosion? H2 O2 1) H2 2) O2 3) 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines L1-7 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines 2 Chem 1A: "Stoichiometry" ChemQuiz 1.2 What mass (g) of methane is required to react completely with 4 g of oxygen as shown? CH4 + 2 O2 CO2 + 2 H2O Relative masses: O2 = 2 x CH4 1) ~1 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines 2) ~2 3) ~4 L1-9 Relative Atomic and Molecular Mass H 1.01 12C Al 26.98 P 30.97 Fe 55.85 Pb 207.2 H2 2.02 O2 32.00 H2O 18.02 CO2 44.01 L1-11 12.00 C 12.01 O 16.00 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines Molecules,Moles, Mass 2H2 + O2 2H2O 2 molecules + 1 molecule 2 moles + 1 mole 2 grams + 16 grams 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines 2 molecules 2 moles 18 grams L1-12 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines 3 Chem 1A: "Stoichiometry" Stoichiometry Relationships between quantities of matter that participate in chemical reactions. 2H2 Energy + O2 2H2O High Road (barrier) Low Road (catalyst) Reactants Products Reaction Coordinate 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines L1-13 ChemQuiz 1.3 Following the reaction of 1 mole H2 and 2 moles O2 which species has the greatest number of moles? 1) H2 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines 2) O2 3) H2O L1-14 ChemQuiz 1.4 2 moles of an oxide of hydrogen release 1 mole oxygen, leaving pure water. oxygen, water. Which is the oxide? 1) HO 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines 2) H2O2 3) H3O+ L1-16 2006 M.Kubinec, A.Pines 4 ...
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