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PS_hmwk_2008_3 - Bayesian cue combination(M Landy L Maloney...

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Perceptual Systems Assignment 3 Due Tuesday, March 25, 2008 1. (10 pts) Prepare a one paragraph proposal for your final paper. Include at the end of the proposal several references relevant to your topic. A wide range of topics are acceptable as long as they are related to in some way to perception. I recommend that you browse Sekuler & Blake for a topic that interests you. Also, below I have listed some topics/areas in visual perception and some of the players. I can give you more information about any of these topics. I do not have as much expertise concerning current research in auditory perception (or other modalities), but you should not feel restricted to visual perception or to the list of vision topics below. Visual search and attention (J. Wolfe, A. Triesman, M. Eckstein, J. Palmer, W. Geisler, E. Kowler, K. Nakayama, G. Sperling, P. Cavanaugh) Attention effects in visual cortex (D. Heeger, E. DeYoe, J. Maunsell) Multiple view interpolation in pattern recognition (T. Poggio, S. Ullman, D. Kersten)
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Unformatted text preview: Bayesian cue combination (M. Landy, L. Maloney, M. Banks, D. Knill, A. Yuille) Mechanisms for contour completion and/or contour grouping (R. Shapley, N. Rubin, W. Geisler, D. Field, R. Hess, S. Dakin, J. Malik, C. Gilbert, J. Elder) Statistics of natural images (E. Simoncelli, B. Olshausen, D. Field, W. Geisler, A. Yuille, M. Lewicki) FMRI/optical imaging in visual cortex (B. Wandell, D. Heeger, E. DeYoe, R. Tootell, N. Logothetis, A. Grinvald, E. Seidemann) 3D representation (D. Kersten, D. Knill, J. Koenderink, M. Banks, J. Todd, P. Cavanaugh) Heading perception (W. Warren, M. Banks) Motion perception (E. Adelson, G. Sperling, A. Watson, A. Derrington, A. Movhson, W. Newsome) Stereo depth perception (L. Cormack, C. Schor, C. Erkelens, B. Cumming) Color constancy (B. Wandell, L. Maloney, D. Brainard) Image quality metrics (A. Watson, A. Ahumada, S. Daly, J. Lubin) Natural Tasks (D. Ballard, M. Hayhoe, M. Land)...
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