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Example Multiple Choice (2 pts. each) 1. What element(s) in the auditory chain are most likely to be damaged by exposure to intense sounds? a) tympanic membrane b) middle-ear muscles c) basilar membrane d) hair cells e) cortical and sub-cortical neurons 2. A vacuum is devoid of any air particles. Suppose you turned on the stereo in a vacuum. What would you expect to happen? a) You would hear nothing. b) The sound would be perceived as very loud, even at very low volumes. c) You could only hear the fundamental frequency of a periodic sound. d) You could only hear the frequencies above 4000 Hz. 3. Which of the following statements is true about white noise? a) White noise is aperiodic. b) White noise is usually periodic. c) White noise has a distinct pitch determined by its lowest frequency. d) White noise cannot be created by adding pure tones together. 4. In a two alternative forced choice task, a) an observer must make a categorical judgment by discriminating one answer
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Unformatted text preview: among two possibilities. b) an observer is only forced to choose if they believe they know the correct answer. c) the point of subjective equality is unrelated to the performance threshold. d) the point of subjective equality is determined by the researcher, not the observer. 5. Functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) most directly measures: a) Blood oxygen levels. b) The occurrence of action potentials. c) The occurrence of graded potentials. d) The concentration of a radioactive marker. Example Short Answer 1. (8 points) Define the following terms: Transmitter substance Synapse Action potential Depolarization 2. (4 pts.) A person suffers an injury due to an automobile accident. An examination reveals that the auditory nerve axons from the end of the cochlea closest to the stapes have been severed. This occurred only in the left ear. Name two ways in which this could affect his or her hearing (by this I mean two perceptual consequences)....
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PS_example_questions - among two possibilities. b) an...

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