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[CHM113] 113pe4sp08 - Dr. Ron Briggs CHM 113 ASU Spring...

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Dr. Ron Briggs CHM 113 ASU Spring Semester 2008 1 Exam 4 Topics The exam will cover Chapters 10, 11, 13 and all material covered in lecture. Specific material from your lab experiments will not be tested on this exam, but the concepts presented during your lab sessions tie in closely with the lecture material. In addition to the attached practice exam, your lecture notes, lecture quizzes, lecture handouts, discussion quizzes and assigned homework questions are valuable study aids. In particular, lecture quizzes and additional problems distributed in class should be quite useful. As always, copies of all quizzes and handouts are available on the download page of the course web site. Need help? Take advantage of TA and instructor office hours (posted on the web site and in the LRC) and be sure to make the most of your discussion section. Review sessions are planned at the following times: CHM 113 Review Session (Run by Chad from the LRC) Wednesday (4/23) 5:40 PM in PS F-173 CHM 113 Review Session (Run by your course TAs) Friday (4/25) 1:40-3:30 PM in PS H-150 * DISCLAIMER: Dr. Briggs does not prepare or run these sessions (he has already prepared a practice exam and study guide for you). Any material presented is the responsibility of the person running the session. If you have any questions about this material, please ask them. Any extra materials will not be posted on the course web site unless you arrange with the TA or Chad to have the materials sent to me. Exam 4 is on Monday, April 28 th (the last day of class) in the normal lecture room at the normal lecture time. The exam will consist of 25 multiple choice questions worth 4 points each. Please show up as early as possible and sit in the assigned seating area for your section. If you show up right at :40 past the hour, chances are that you’re going to get a late start. A seating chart will be provided by lab section. You will not be permitted to sit next to your lab partner. If you do, your TA will ask you to move. You will need to bring a #2 pencil, a calculator, and your student ID. If you do not know what your affiliate ID is, ask your TA or instructor well in advance of the exam. * Specific exam topics (broken down by chapter) are listed below: Chapter 10 (Gases) What you should know for this test: Properties of a gas The 4 variables that describe a gas (P, V, T, and n) including their meanings, most common units, and how to interconvert between units The meaning of Standard Temperature, Standard Pressure, and STP Conceptual relationships between P, V, T, and n according to Boyle’s Law, Charles’ Law, and Avogadro’s Law (i.e. which variables are inversely and directly proportional) How to use the Ideal Gas Law to solve numerical problems How to use the Ideal Gas Law to solve for mass, initial/final values when a gas undergoes a change in P, V, T, and gas density The difference between a Real and an Ideal Gas Limitations of the Ideal Gas Law and the assumptions made
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[CHM113] 113pe4sp08 - Dr. Ron Briggs CHM 113 ASU Spring...

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