Definite Articles

Definite Articles - -With parts of the body or articles of...

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Definite Articles Singular Plural Masculine El Los Feminie La Las
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El libro, los libros La pluma, las plumas *A definite article agrees in gender and number with the noun it modifies * a + el = al de + el = del The definite article is used: -In front of each noun even if there is more than one noun stated, as in a series o Tengo el libro, el cuaderno, y la pluma - With a noun when you make a general statement o Me gusta el café (I like coffee) - With a noun of weight or measure o Un dolar la libra, un peso la libra ( one dollar per pound) - In front of a noun indicating a profession, rank, title, followed by the name of the person o El professor Gomez es inteligente o BUT don’t use the article if you are referring to the person directly - With the name of subject matter ( Estudio la historia) - With the days of the week (voy al cine el sabado)
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Unformatted text preview: -With parts of the body or articles of clothing (Me pongo el sombrero)-With common expressions (a la escuela, en la iglesia, la semana pasada)-With the Seasons of the year (en la primavera, en al otono)-To show possession wi the preposition de + a common noun o El libro del alumno, los libros de los alumnos- When an infinititive used as a noun, especially when it begins a sentence * El estudiar es bueno) El perro Dog Gato Cat Raton blanco White rat Hamster Hampster El pez dorado Gold fish El pajaro Bird Cachorro Puppy Razas de perro Breeds of dog El perro dogo Bull dog El terrier Terrier Galgo Greyhound Pastor aleman German shepherd Perro de aguas Cocker spaniel El perro de muestra, el pointer Pointer El perro de lanas Poodle Perro tejonero Dachshund...
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Definite Articles - -With parts of the body or articles of...

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