French Politics

French Politics - Dreyfus Affair (1894)- Commonly known as...

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Mass Politics in France Third French Republic (after the 1870 defeat) - Created a single national culture - Compulsory Education - Compulsory Military Service - Technology – mass transportation and communication - Marianne – Female symbol of the French State - Rocked by two subsequent national scandals Boulanger Affair - General George Boulanger – came to national prominence as he reformed the Army - “The Man on Horseback” – used romantic military imagery to increase Fr. patriotism - Attempted to win election with the backing of conservatives and reinstate authoritarianism - Accused of treason and forced to leave the country Impacts: 1. Success was tied to rising nationalism 2. Left behind a strong conservative movement - Right wing of the political spectrum became increasingly powerful
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Unformatted text preview: Dreyfus Affair (1894)- Commonly known as the affair- Dreyfus was an Alsatian Jew accused of selling secrets to the Germans, put on trial and found guilty (sentence to life on Devils Island)- Example of Nationalism leading to xenophobia- Case was tried in the media demonstrated the power of mass communication- the affair came to identify ones political ideology:- Pro-Dreyfusards = Left / Liberals- Anti-Dreyfusards = Right, Traditional Institutions Catholic / Military- 1905 Dreyfus was exonerated Impacts: 1. Mass Media became a real and practical check on govt. authority- Emile Zola: I Accuse , supported Dreyfus in the media 2. New interest groups gained a foothold in govt. affairs...
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French Politics - Dreyfus Affair (1894)- Commonly known as...

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