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brief intro to Stata

brief intro to Stata - BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO STATA By Ajay...

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BRIEF INTRODUCTION TO STATA By Ajay A. Palvia PAM 305 Stata is the statistical software package that will be used for much of this course. It has many advantages over other packages. One primary advantage is that Stata is both command-driven and menu-driven for most basic tasks; while using the menu may be easier to use initially, once you learn Stata you will probably find it is much faster and easier to use the commands for many tasks. Stata also has excellent manuals, on-line help, and user support, both via phone and e-mail. If you want to use it beyond this course, you will find Stata offers a number of advanced features not available in other packages such as Minitab. This guide is intended only as a very brief introduction to Stata. We recommend you make use of the online help available in stata or go to many outside reference sites for stata. One good site for new stata users is at http://www.princeton.edu/~erp/stata/stata_02.htm . Finally, if you wish to use stata for more complex tasks, you might want to take advantage of ciser workshops which offer both introductory and advanced programming.
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