HW_5 - (a) What is the speed of the space station in its...

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Physics 112 Homework #5 Fall 2006 *** Prelim Exam #1 is 7:30-9 PM on Oct 3 rd , 2006. It will cover chapters #1-5 + sections 12.1, 12.2, 12.4; HWs #1-5; Labs #1, 3, 4 + Pre-Labs; Tutorials and Coops done in section and all relevant lecture material. *** Read: Chap. 5 (all); Chap. 12, section 12.4 (through equation 12.14 on page 450) For discussion: Chapter 5:Qs #Q5.1, Q5.3, Q5.6, Q5.11, Q5.12, Q5.16, Q5.19, Q5.20, (not turned in) Q5.21, Q5.24, Q5.29 Chapter 5: Es & Ps #5.13, 5.15, 5.21, 5.41, 5.53, 5.57, 5.67, 5.69, 5.75, 5.89, 5.91, 5.111, 5.117 Chapter 12: Qs #Q12.1, Q12.7, Q12.16, Q12.21; Es & Ps #12.1, 12.9, 12.27 Due Friday, Sep 29 th at lecture: #5.3 [Knowing the Ropes] #5.7 [Wrecking Ball] #5.42 [Baseball with Drag] #1. The International Space Station (ISS) orbits the Earth in an approximately circular orbit at a height of about 240 miles (384 km) above the Earth's surface.
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Unformatted text preview: (a) What is the speed of the space station in its orbit (in km/s)? [Answer: 7.7 km/s] (b) What is the space station's orbital period (in hours)? [Answer: 1.54 hr] #2. A box whose weight is w is pulled at constant speed along a level floor by a force F that is directed at an angle above horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the floor and box is k . (a) In terms of , k , and w, calculate the required force F. (b) What values does F take for = 0 and 90? Are these the values you expect? Briefly, explain how these values make physical sense. (c) For what angle is the required force F the smallest? Please give your reasoning and computations. What is this smallest value of F? Show that this value is indeed smaller than the values of F at = 0 and 90....
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HW_5 - (a) What is the speed of the space station in its...

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