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007_handout_xxiii - (222–235 GENERAL INFORMATION •...

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XXIII. SEVERAN DYNASTY S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R S P Q R Bassianus L. SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS=Julia Domna Julia Maesa=Julius Avitus (193–211) M. AURELIUS ANTONINUS P. SEPTIMIUS GETA (CARACALLA) (211–212) (211–217) S. Varius Avitus=Julia Soaemius Gessius Marcianus=Julia Mamaea M. AURELIUS ANTONINUS (ELAGABALUS) (218–222) M. AURELIUS SEVERUS ALEXANDER
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Unformatted text preview: (222–235) GENERAL INFORMATION • Family of Syrian origin • Settled in Leptis Magna (N. Africa) by second century, citizens of Senatorial class • Septimius Severus: Commander of Danube Legions Senatorial Legate • First non-Italian to become Emperor (Trajan and Hadrian were from Spain, but of an Italian family) ORDER OF EMPERORS Septimius Severus Caracalla and Geta (joint rule) Caracalla (alone) Macrinus (soldier, not related) Elagabalus Severus Alexander...
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