PA and the Immune System

PA and the Immune System - PA and the Immune System...

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PA and the Immune System Chapter 12 Introduction Possibility that moderate levels of PA may have a positive influence on the immune system remains a likely explanation for the general benefit that might extend to different types of cancer Modern-day belief is that intense, strenuous exercise temporarily increases susceptibility to infection, especially upper- respiratory infections Immune system: integrated network of molecules, cells, tissues, and organs that defends an organism against infection by foreign substances and against mutated native cells Interacts with the nervous and endocrine systems in ways that could be altered by exercise Innate immunity means that immune cells can recognize an antigen without prior exposure Physical and chemical barriers Inflammation localized response of increased blood flow secretion of cytokines Adaptive immunity refers to immune cells’ memory that recognizes a pathogen from prior encounter T and B cells, and antibodies Highlighted Immune Cells T lymphocytes Derived from bone marrow and differentiate in the thymus Various types of cells in cell-mediated immunity Helper T CD4+ B lymphocytes Mature in the bone marrow Differentiate into plasma cells which produce antibodies after exposure to antigen Humoral immunity do not require cell-to-cell contact but require activation by helper T cells Natural killer cells Type of large, granular lymphocyte Part of innate immunity: Don’t need prior exposure Phagocytic Cytotoxic: killing tumor cells in vivo Neutrophils Make up 80-90% of granulocytes Major phagocytes of bacteria in blood (innate) Macrophages Mature monocytes
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PA and the Immune System - PA and the Immune System...

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