PA and Mental Health

PA and Mental Health - PA and Mental Health Chapter 13...

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PA and Mental Health Chapter 13 - Which is the most common and the second most common mental health disorder in the United States? Most common = Anxiety disorders (17%) Second most common = Depression (11%) - How much higher are the lifetime prevalence rates combined for anxiety disorders and depression, in women compared to men? Lifetime prevalence rate of anxiety = 25% Women = 30% and Men = 19% Lifetime prevalence rate of depression = 20% Women = 21% and Men = 13% Lifetime prevalence rates are nearly twice as high among women than men - What are the four major mood disorders? Depression (major depression and dysthymia) Bipolar (manic depressive) disorder Mood disorders due to a medical condition Substance-induced mood disorders - How is depression expected to rank by 2020 in the world as a cause of death (CV disease #1)? WHO has projected that depression will be #2 cause of death next to CVD - What are two categories of reasons why depression is not considered a major depressive episode? major depressive episode when symptoms are experienced during the same two-week period symptoms must include depressed mood or marked loss of interest of pleasure reduced energy, concentration, attention reduced self-esteem and self-confidence disturbed sleep diminished appetite - What has been the pattern of annual prevalence of major depression in the USA over the past 50 years? Increased steadily
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PA and Mental Health - PA and Mental Health Chapter 13...

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