3rd lab report

3rd lab report - Isolation of Trimyristin and Myristic Acid...

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Isolation of Trimyristin and Myristic Acid from Nutmeg Group # 5Ryan Blues Hannah Kyrie Stafani Tai 234 2:30 Mandy Shriwise Introduction On a normal day nutmeg is a random house hold product that can add a special spice to any food. How ever, in lab nutmeg was a compound that would lead to six hours of work and a handful of troubles. In lab the main theme was the separation and isolation of naturally occurring compounds and for us it was the separation of nutmeg from trimyristin. There were four steps needed to separate and isolate the different compounds in nutmeg. First there was the extraction and isolation of trimyristin from the nutmeg. Next you had to recrystiallize the compound that had been extracted. Then the group had to saponifiy, which is chemical reaction in which an ester is heated with an alkali. Finally there was the extraction of the myristic acid to see what amount of the nutmeg was left. Basically the product of nutmeg was taken and it was extracted from ethanol. Then The Trimiystrin that was formed was recrystalizied. Next the melting point and the percent yield of the trimyrisitin was found. Then the compound went through saponification, which lead to sodium myristate. Then after acidification the pet either was extracted and the melting point and percent yield of the myristic acid were found. The lab showed that the isolation and extraction of compounds is very useful, but very hard to do. Experimental The first part of the lab you have to extract and Isolate the Trimyristin from nutmeg. Start by assembling the Buchner funnel and filter flash. You need to dampen the filter paper that will be placed inside the funnel so that it may collect the left over compound. Next you need to weigh out a nutmeg sample on a electronic scal and then place it in a 400-mL beaker. Next you will add 50 mL isopropyl alcohol to the mix. Stir this mixture for about 20 seconds and then heat it gradually until the solution boils. Next you will want to add a boiling stone to a small flask containing about 25 mL of isopropanol and then boil it. Then turn on the aspirator connected to your filtration setup and pour some of the hot alcohol mixture in minute amounts in to funnel. You will want to continue heating the isopropyl alcohol mixture that is in the beaker until you have added all of the liquid. All of the solution should have passed through the filter paper. Now you add another 20 mL of boiling alcohol to the buchner funnel. If these steps are
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3rd lab report - Isolation of Trimyristin and Myristic Acid...

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