DevelopmentalSampleFinalQuestions - Below are a series of...

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Below are a series of sample final exam questions. The answers are provided on a separate page below. 1.Reasoning by verbal analogy: INFORMATION-PROCESSING is to PSYCHOMETRICS as __________________ is to ________________. a. INDIVIDUAL :: GROUP b. SYSTEMATIC :: RANDOM c. PRESSURE :: RELAXATION d. PROCESS :: PRODUCT 2.The idea that a single number could represent intelligence: a. was accepted until the late 1960s b. was immediately challenged when proposed c. was the predominant view during the 1800s d. is still the most accepted view of intelligence 3.In terms of intelligence, g factor refers to: a. an individual factor that is unique to a particular type of test b. acquired knowledge and abilities c. an underlying intelligence factor that applies to all types of test performance d. the ability to understand spatial relationships and think in three dimensions 4.In general, wary reactions to strangers: a. emerge at about 9 months and gradually increase in intensity through to 24 months b. peak at 8 to 10 months of age and then gradually decline in intensity c. emerge at about 2 months of age but disappear by the age of 12 months d. are not evident unless infants have an insecure attachment relationship 5.Ethological theory suggests that stranger anxiety and separation anxiety result from: a. a lack of responsiveness in the infant's primary caregiver b. an infant's general apprehension about things that are unfamiliar c. inconsistencies in the caregiving that the child receives
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DevelopmentalSampleFinalQuestions - Below are a series of...

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