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Unformatted text preview: DISPOTIONAL DOMAIN What is it? The Dispositional Domain concerns those aspects of personality that are stable over time, relatively consistent over time and make people different from one another. How does it relate back to the FFT? It is part of the Basic tendencies of the FFT because it deals with individuality. People can be characterized by Differential standing on a series of personality traits that influence patterns of thoughts, feelings and actions. Traids reach mature form in adulthood; thereafter, they are relatively stable The structure of traits are organized hierarchically What are researchers trying to do? / The big questions. They are trying to find how many personalities exist? What is the best classification system of traits? How can we best discover and measure these traits How do personality traits develop? How do traits interact with situations? Researchers have been trying to identify the most important traits the ones out of which all differences between people can be formed...
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