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Yegorova 1 Irina Yegorova COMM-165-1A 11/5/2007 Essay #1: Step Forward to Nonviolence Looking at the question of violence justification, I always recall the famous quote of Isaac Asimov from his book “Foundation”: “Violence is the last refugee of the incompetent”. The quote can be very well applicable to the situation of numerous social protests and endless wars for change in ideals: when everything else fails and there is a “if I do not eat you, you will end up eating me” situation, violence might be necessary. However, I cannot think of any social protests where the danger to life would be so great that it would be effective and necessary to sacrifice lives of innocent people in order to prove the point. Instead, I believe that the method of nonviolence would be more effective and less costly for society to do so. Most of the time in human history, violence has been used as first, major and “most effective” tool to change the system. In U.S. formation and history, violence pertained the main force for change and freedom: white Europeans forced Indians out of their land to build towns, Africans, first enslaved, revolted to gain their Civil rights, wars such as Vietnam War and World War II gave the country a huge economic boost. Was it working? Yes. Was it the most effective way to bring change? I doubt it. In each case, one party was always benefiting in the expense of another. The more efficient way to bring up change is through nonviolence because it benefits both parties and makes both of them happy instead of hurting one and benefiting another. This is the reason why the approach of Martin Luther King was so effective: he propagated love, instead of hate and, as a result, gained popularity and moved the integration process forward. King argued that we should seek love for our neighbors and this would eliminate the problem of
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Yegorova 2 discrimination and division of people in two categories: worthy and unworthy (Albert, 110). Look at society today: for the most part, the progress that society made in terms of equal Civil and Human rights between blacks and whites happened because of King’s theory of integration. However, if blacks would have used violent means as a main way to prove their point such as crushing stores and shooting at whites for the harm they brought them, the country would have resulted in chaos, the anger of white population would increase dramatically and the discrimination between races would have increased. Violent expression in social protests, as in real life, leads to more aggression and violence in return and thus should be minimized. It mimics the behavior of the little child whose first response to punishment or aggression would be to punch back his friend or hit his brother or sister to release the aggression within. What would happen next? The chances are that it would anger the punched one and would result in a bigger fight.
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Essay#1-Violence - Yegorova 1 Irina Yegorova COMM-165-1A...

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