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Lab Assignment 2 Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering University of California, Davis EEC-70 – Computer Architecture Winter Quarter 2006 Due - Tuesday January 24, 2006, 11:59 PM Max Score – 100 pts Laboratory Exercise 2: Programming in SAL Purpose of the Exercise You will learn how to write a simple assembly program using SAL and debug it using the spimsal simulator. This program will use conditional statements and basic I/O. Problem Description Your program should read 5 input integers (positive or negative) and compute their average, minimum, and maximum. For example if the input to the program are the integers 5, -10, -5, 10, and 20 the output of your program should be Average = 4 Minimum = -10 Maximum = 20 You should use get and put instructions for input and output. The input should be provided in the form of one integer per line. What should you do? 1.
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