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10_syllabusv2_summer_08-4 - 1 Statistics 10 Professor...

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Statistics 10 Professor: Mahtash Esfandiari Summer 2008 Introduction to Statistical Reasoning through Blended Instruction Time: Monday and Wednesday, 1:00 -2:50 Place: 4000A Math Science Building Email: [email protected] , [email protected] Office: 8941 Math Science Building Office hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 1:00 – 1:00 or by appointment Quiz web site http://moodle.stat.ucla.edu Teaching Assistants: Kevin Nichols Hai Nguyen Dave Zes Required Textbook: Intro Stats (2006). De Veaux, Velleman, and Bock P.F., Second Edition, Pearson Education Inc. ISBN: 0-321-28671-5 Goal : The overall goal of this class is to introduce statistics as a science of data and an interdisciplinary subject that will help you answer real world questions and have a better understanding of the data reported in mass media. The emphasis will be more on concepts and not on calculations. The role of students, instructor, and the teaching assistant: The instructor and the TA will play the role of a facilitator. Lecture and section will be interactive and the students are expected to play a very active role in their own learning. They are expected to read the assigned material prior to lecture, solve the homework problems before attending section and be active participants. The students will be placed in groups, they will lead their own discussion, and when needed and the TA will guide them to find the answer to their questions. Course Management System: Moodle will be used as the course management system. All class announcements, lectures, answers to homework problems, quizzes, and labs will be posted on the Moodle website. Moodle will also make it possible for the students to see the results of the quiz immediately after you take it. Activities: Meeting with the instructor and the TA: The students will have two lectures (Monday and Wednesday) with the instructor and two sessions of discussion/lab with the TA (Tuesday and Thursday). Lecture : The summer session classes are very intense in nature and we try to do the work of ten weeks in six weeks. To get the most out of this course, you are expected to do all the assigned reading prior to attending the lecture. The lecture is interactive in nature and you are expected to participate in discussion, ask, and answer questions. 1
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Section held on Tuesday: During section you will have time to ask questions about the recommended problems on the mock homeworks and you will go over the on-line quiz as a group. You are supposed to try to solve the assigned problems prior to section. The TA will try to answer your questions and guide you to answer the questions on the quiz and homework and not solve all of the problems. Labs held on Thursday: Thursdays you will meet in the lab and learn how to conduct statistical analysis using a software called Fathom. You will learn how to use this software to conduct simple statistical analyses that help to highlight the major statistical concepts and methods discussed in the course. During lab the TA will demonstrate statistical analyses that help
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10_syllabusv2_summer_08-4 - 1 Statistics 10 Professor...

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