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Chapter 24 Take Home Exam

Chapter 24 Take Home Exam - white womanhood How did Klan...

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US History - Since 1865 Chapter 24 Exam 1. Define the Harlem Renaissance. Name key figures involved, that is, musicians, writers, etc. Describe their accomplishments during this rebirth. The Harlem Renaissance was the answer to “spiritual discontent” of the educated “New Negro” who was looking for a way to celebrate black culture by using expressions as art, music, and writing from the “Negro Mecca” of Harlem, New York. Key figures during this time were singer Josephine Baker, writer Langston Hughes, jazz musician Louis Armstrong, and composer Eubie Blake. These artists showed blacks that they could embrace their culture and “make peace with themselves as Americans”. 2. What silent film movie by D. W. Griffeth caused a great upsurge in Klan membership? What were the underlying racial themes in this movie (especially about
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Unformatted text preview: white womanhood)? How did Klan membership change after this movie? The Birth of a Nation is the famously controversial film directed by D.W. Griffith, which was released on February 8, 1915. The film attempts to provide historical justification for segregation, displaying negative stereotypes about African-Americans to support Jim Crow. Some of the underlying racial themes were that blacks were unruly, uncontrolled, and heathen brutes who were out to ruin white society and rape white women. The movie caused an upsurge in a new Klan membership era. 3. What was the Great Migration? Why did you have a record number of black migration (In other words, what was going on in the south to make African Americans migrate?) Did Blacks fare better in the North? Explain....
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